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K38 National Drowning Prevention Alliance Chapter

K38 NDPA Chapter is a group of concerned water safety enthusiasts who support the National Drowning Prevention Alliance international outreach for the prevention of drowning through education and awareness activities. Please visit the www.NDPA.org

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance is to prevent drowning and aquatic injuries, by educating, leading, engaging, and supporting the public, our members, chapters, and partners.

Vision Statement

The NDPA will bring together collective effort to make a measurable difference in drowning and aquatic injuries. We will:

• Provide effective programs which educate the public and engage communities

• Advise, assist, and promote organizations or people who work to prevent drowning

• Provide expert information, programs, training, and resources

• Work together to save lives


Drowning IS Preventable!

Current Goals

Goals and Objectives:

1. To deliver drowning prevention programs which are replicable, inclusive, and credible.

2. To provide clear and obvious value to our members – providing connection to each other, access to the most current information, and resources to help them be effective.

3. To promote the positive efforts of our membership, bringing attention to their cause and activities.

4. To be the premier national media resource for information on drowning prevention.

The NDPA recognizes, addresses, and supports drowning prevention efforts for persons of all ages and drowning risks in all types of bodies of water.


Please join our K38 NDPA Chapter! How do you do this? You will be required to make a paypal payment for $25.00 USD which will give you one year's membership in the K38 NDPA Chapter.