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Radio Pod Casts

{rokbox title=|Phoenix Patriot Foundation Calendar and K38| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Phoenix Patriot Foundation Calendar and K38.m3u{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Are You Prepared To Be Unprepared| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Are You Prepared To Be Unprepared.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Ask an 8 year old about Water Safety!| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Ask an 8 year old about Water Safety!.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Do You Know Who You Are| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Do You Know Who You Are.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|EVENT SAFETY & MANAGEMENT| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/EVENT SAFETY & MANAGEMENT.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|K38 UK 2013 Projection| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/K38 UK 2013 Projection.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Kanalu K38 - Hawaiian struggle to adapt to NASBLA Standards| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Kanalu K38 - Hawaiian struggle to adapt to NASBLA Standards.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Leadership & Training Pitfalls| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/Leadership & Training Pitfalls.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|On Death| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/On Death.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|The Value of Lifesaving| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/The Value of Lifesaving.mp3{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|USCG STAN Team RWC Program - Columbia River, Astoria Oregon| size=|400 400| album=|Radio Blogs|}radioblog/USCG STAN Team RWC Program - Columbia River, Astoria Oregon.mp3{/rokbox}














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