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K38 - Who We Are

Our motto is ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’. Our K38 Philosophy and Way of Training is our way of life. Join us in exceeding the status quo by focusing on the horizons that lay ahead.  The wake you leave behind matters.
Shawn Alladio of K38 is the founding creator of the K38 Way of Training Standards.  The training program began in 1989 and is enjoying support from Kawasaki Motors Corporation USA, Hydroturf, Liquid Militia Clothing, Gath Headgear, and K38 GEAR. Shawn has personally managed safety for big wave surfing  contests, athletes and team training.  She is the creator of IJSBA/APBA/UIM racing events Course Marshal Training and accreditation programs.  K38 is recognized as the sole source creator for international training programs regarding personal watercraft, consultation, curriculum development and legislative matters.
Shawn is a certified National Safe Boating Instructor since 1997.  She has received numerous awards such as the National Safe Boating Council, National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and the National Water Safety Congress Regional Award, National Water Safety Congress 2009 Award of Merit, The National Award, Higgins and Langley Memorial Awards for Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Commendation Award, numerous heroism awards and was inducted into the National Safe Boating Councils prestigious 2011 Boating Safety Hall of Fame.  Many people and companies stand behind these awards, it is a united effort for the greater good.
Shawn Alladio is a motivational speaker for corporations and groups that desire to improve communications, team work and problem solving solutions. She is the creator of mentorship and career development programs for youth for both male and females in competitive sports and creating goals towards direction in employment. This ongoing relationship with various water related communities worldwide, the continuing development of Rescue Water Craft products, combined with dedication and knowledge, create an evolution of experience on the part of Shawn Alladio and her organization that is unequaled worldwide in so many diverse formats.



Shawn AlladioK38 USA - K38 Water Safety

Fabio AnnigoniK38 Italia

Ben GranataK38 UK

Nicolas DrapeauK38 Canada

Mario PintoK38 International

Jochi PardoK38 Spain

Antonio MestreK38 Portugal

Rodrigo CostaK38 Portugal

Licinio MatosK38 Portugal

Hiroshi YamaokaK38 Japan

Hideyuki UmedaK38 Japan

Michalis KyprianouK38 Cyprus

Pake AhMowKanalu K38

Tom Pohaku StoneKanalu K38

Kazuya IwamoriK38 Japan

Kaoru FujiiK38 Japan

Hiroaki KishiK38 Japan

Kentaro TakemuraK38 Japan

Yoshihiro ChibaK38 Japan

Jakub FriedenbergerK38 Poland

Jakub WoźniakK38 Poland

Arek JarosiewiczK38 Poland

Brian LargartichaK38 USA

Luke Emerson K38 USA

Mike SpencerK38 USA

Joe MarshalK38 USA

Jeremy BrownK38 USA



The Wake of Fame Awards recognize the contributions, legends and industry leaders in the Personal Water Craft boating community. Our focus is on Personal Water Craft (PWC) and Rescue Water Craft (RWC), its history and the people who built it and became the sport, and saved lives. They defined who we are and what we do today as a boating community


1. Legacy Award
Award for a commitment to PWC boating safety education across a large regional area that significantly reduces injuries or accidents and increases operational capabilities

2. Everyday Heroes
Award gifted to recreational enthusiast or K38 alumni who perform a rescue with positive results 

3. Heavy Water Award
Award gifted to a K38 Instructor or other occupational representative using a Rescue Water Craft that 
saves the life of another

4. Appreciation Award
Award gifted to a K38 supporter who shows integrity and respect that deserves recognition for their efforts in helping us as an organization to better serve our boating safety communities.

5. Partnership Award
Award gifted to an association, federation or sponsor who supports boating safety education

6. Distinguished Athlete
Physically challenged athletes who move personal watercraft operations to its highest level (Wounded Warriors and Physically Challenged category)

7. Creative Impact Award
Free riding and styling into the history books. For those who used expression, talent and incredible skills moving a PWC beyond its flat water traction and took it to the waves, to big air and entertained possibilities. (Freestyle, Free riding Category)

8. Lifetime Award
In honor of In honor of Clayton Jacobsen for his ongoing contribution as the designer of the PWC sport and to Jettrim for their ongoing contribution to preserve the history, legacies and individuals who created the sport that we all enjoy to this day. This award is given to those individuals who paved the first generation in the 1970’s for their recognition of their impression on this amazing boating community, 1970-1980
(Industry Lifetime Achievement Award)

NOTE: The K38 Phoenix Award is an exclusive K38 Water Safety Award, it is our highest designated rescue and response award for lifesaving and is not gifted annually.

Kanalu K38 is responsible for revolutionized standards and training for recreational and occupational use of Personal Watercraft – Rescue Water Craft, with International affiliates. K38 is a partner with the American Watercraft Association H2O Responders program.

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Wake of Fame Roll Call


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