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Jun Abe - Uitemate - IBWSS 2016


International Boating & Water Safety Summit 2016-San Diego CA.

Today was moving, why? Mr. Jun Abe told his story, his experience with his lovely wife Shimako regarding their tsunami surival story from 3.11.11 when their home and business were destroyed from the surging floodwaters, they survived on a debris pile while being drawn inland from the tsunami wave surge. This was one aspect, but in closing how Mr. Abe expressed his soul, his desire to help others save their own life through the Float and Wait method called ‪#‎Uitemate‬, he had a poignant review. He said he wanted to be a good neighbor. That meant the value of a‪#‎Samaritan‬ and how Jesus defined his disciples relationship to being a good neighbor by practicing what he preaches, by helping others to learn from his mistakes and to be a good steward of love, kindness, life and friendship. I found myself crying at the end of a compassionate and caring presentation, not often shared in water safety circles. Mr. Abe is a champion of humanity, his love for life, his recovery from a terrifying situation, his wife at his side, the loss of everything, his family members, friends and neighbors and his life being born again a second time to deliver this message to all of us. We are certainly blessed and thankful to have such a humble lifesaver in our presence. I give all my allegiance and respect to Mr. Abe and the Uitemate method, may his message reach those who will need this method in a time of need. Thank You Jun & Shimako AbeShawn Alladio


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