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2015 K38 Japan - Water Safety Meeting

April 17, 2015

2015 Water Safety Meeting

"Water Safety' theme.

In March K38 Japan attended the International Boating and Water Safety Summit in the United States for the 3rd year in a row.  JMRA attended along with us in partnership to further enhance Japan’s water safety education and standardization practices. K38 Japan is an IBWSS international partner and provided a presentation updating the IBWSS membership on their national support programs.

After returning from America it was time to prepare for the first phase promotion our own national Water Safety meeting. We had planned on this for one year as our organization has grown and our student cadre developed to a national standard.

K38 Japan enjoyed hosting an extremely important gathering of representatives from various organizations involved in the management of boating education and response, water safety, and lifesaving; holding a public meeting in Japan, April 2015.

This meeting focused around various aspects of water safety management, expertise, leadership, capability, concerns and realistic solutions in accordance with new product development and current rules and regulations.  Our focus is on standardization and implementing the best practices and enforcing them, along with credentialing through a strong training and vetting process for responders, students and instructors. 

The meeting entertained various historical weather related and human resource related conditions and expanded to introduce current expert technical information and operational knowledge from a variety of possible angles.  The attendees explored future professional development and guidelines of standardization that would place the 'best practices' in motion to better serve the greater good and to assist our trained professionals to maintain operational efficiency during waterborne responses and disasters.  The water rescue field is dependent on innovation, testing, methodology and highly trained professionals.

K38 Japan under guidance from K38 International's outreach mission is to train the highest level of elite operations and to share information from our real world experiences as the foremost leader in Rescue Water Craft in education and response.  K38 is constantly engaging in new products and experiences from all types of waterway use and enjoys support from the Personal Water Craft industry.  The collective experience of all in attendance covers every element of disaster and day to day response from our leading agencies. 

These kind of networking focus groups are designed to bring the communities together and update annual alerts, changes, notices and enhancements of all aspects of our boating and water safety needs.

K38 has hosted annual Water Safety Summits since 2000 through our international K38 affiliates in a variety of countries.  This has enabled positive networking regarding drowning prevention, equipment design, product research, testing and evaluation, standardization, and curriculum development shared effectively with other companies, nations, agencies and attitudes. 

We encourage all our K38 students and those in surrounding communities to participate in our upcoming annual Water Safety Summits.  The level of expertise from attendees are the innovators and administrative managers who respond and manage critical incidents. We are grateful for the partnerships in Water Safety and we look forward to having you attend our program in 2016.

We would like to thank these committed professionals for their attendance at the meeting; Ministry of Land and Transportation, Ministry of Education, Japan Transport Safety Board, JMRA, Japan Craft Inspection, Japan Lifesaving Association, Society of Water Survival (Uitemate), University of Tokyo Marine, and the Japan Coast Guard.

Host:  K38 Japan on behalf of the Marine Sports Foundation (Maris)

Shawn Alladio-K38 Founder

2015 Water Safety Meeting

「水上安全Water Safety〜」をテーマに



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